Brand development began in 2018. In the spirit of traditional cuisine, the products are being prepared in a homely, natural way by preserving the best of the fruits. The fruits are harvested manually, and the preparation secret is in the old recipes which allow us to get high-quality products and preserve the nutritional properties of fruits. We use only natural ingredients without the addition of preservatives, artificial colors and aromas, resulting in delicious and healthy products.



Domestic premium jams

Jams are prepared according to old recipes, with high fruit content, over 85% fruit and authentic fruity aroma. Only the best, hand-picked fruits, cook at low temperatures, keeping all nutritive values and vitamins. In a traditional way, with a slight stirring, sometimes it takes ten hours to cook the best jam.

The special category of products makes light fruit spreads where instead of sucrose sugar we are using fructose as a fruit sugar to produce a high quality low calorie product containing up to 30% less calories than traditional jams.


Fruit Premium juices and smothie
obtained by HPP technology

Fruit juices and smothie's are obtained by patented HPP (high presure process) technology, a cold process whereby high pressure causes destruction of possible bacteria or molds and the highest quality fruit juice or juice is obtained.

With this process all the most important ingredients of fruits, vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrient and very important nutrients are preserved.

Purées, juices and smothies contain the constituents of fruit crust, which is also a very important and indispensable source of nutrients. Products obtained with HPP technology have a longer shelf-life of 4-6 months in cold temperatures.